Society of St. Paul
Priests and Brothers in Media

Bringing Christ to the World through Media

Who We Are
The brothers and priests of the Pious Society of St. Paul are consecrated religgious who use every means of
communications technology available to us to joyfully proclaim the Kingdom of God. Globally, this includes publishing, Internet, digital communications, TV, radio, video and audio, while in our United States province, we concentrate on an excellent range of print, electronic, and audio books.

Constituted by our founder, Bl. James Alberione, under the title and patronage of St. Paul, we are a religious congregation of apostolic life dedicated to spreading the Gospel. We live in community, professing vows of poverty, chastity, obedience and fidelity to the Pope. We begin each day with prayer and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass to ensure that we are what we preach, and each day concludes with prayer and an hour of Adoration and meditation in the Real Presence of the Blessed Sacrament.

We were born of the Eucharist and we find our peace in it. There before the tabernacle we are renewed, strengthened, loved. A Pauline must first be something in Christ, before he can do anything for Him.

Discerning a Religious Vocation?
- Have you had an inkling of the still, small voice?
- Is something in the world calling you out of it?

- Can you say with St. Paul that preaching the gospel is no cause for you to boast, because you too feel compelled to tell others about Christ Jesus?

Don’t worry. We know how you feel.

The modern instruments of mass media and communications have greatly improved the lives of many, but they have also served as vehicles for error, distortion, sophistry, outright deceit, degradation and plain ol’ sin. But the medium used for evil can be used for good. James Alberione saw the Bad Press of his day and knew the only solution was the creation and invigoration of the Good Press. Wherever the devil tells his lies, there the Church must speak God's truth.

Be it a printing press or a color printer, a parish bulletin or a pithy tweet – the Word of God must be made known. 
Pauline Brothers in Media
Brothers aid in the Church's preaching mission through the editing, page layout, graphics and over all production and distribution of books. Brothers work in marketing, shipping, and a broad host of skills, technologies and educational or professional areas of media and communications that benefit pastors, religious educators, professors and parents in their duties to pass on the Catholic faith.
Pauline Priests in Media
The priest lives and works within the community and generously makes himself available to the local Church for sacramental ministry where needed. The main focus of his apostolic life, however, always remains within the field of mass media and social communications which extends his preaching into the world. Pauline priests incorporate into their spiritual lives the Way, Truth and Life approach of Blessed James Alberione. 
Vocation Dicernment
Searching Your Religious Calling

Basic Qualifications
  1. Called to poverty, chastity and obedience
  2. Eager to serve the people of Christ in His Church
  3. Faithful to prayer and drawn to Eucharistic Adoration
  4. Ready for the challenges and joys of community life and work in the media apostolate.
God is calling men of faith, courage and conviction to be St. Paul alive today in the Church.

The World is Our Parish
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